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Windsurfing Barnegat Light

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Under the Pinions

American Avocet

American Avocet chicks hiding under their mom's wings when it starts to rain in Palo Alto Baylands, California, USA by Nette2607

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Descriptive Words for the Songs from The Kin's "Rise and Fall"

Notes on the Album "Rise and Fall" by the Kin. Executive producer, Philip Stephano
A song about the coming into being of love

I. Tempo and Dynamics- Moderato Affetuoso – acoustic rock
A. Intro- slow, meditative, pulsing
B. Chorus- middle/up tempo
C. 2nd verse- mid tempo with urgency
D. Chorus-mid / up tempo with more intensity

II. Mood- about transformation of love
  1. Intro- prayerful , intimate, suspenseful, full of longing, spiritual
  2. 1st chorus –triumphant, epic, energetic, full of promise
  3. 2nd verse- realizing 1st love, energetic, movement towards promise
  4. 2nd chorus- soaring into glorious realization of promise, dynamic

III. Sounds-
  1. strange swirling noises with heartbeat like drum
  2. layered, textured, acoustic based sounds integrated into rock sound
  3. simple, Drummer-boy drums
  4. Rhythmic strings, pulsing
  5. Mystical sounds

like- U2 meets Jeff Buckley

  1. Suggested placements-
    1. 1st love
    2. After 1st night together, realizing this is the one

A love song in which each challenges the other to go forward together

  1. Tempo and Dynamics- Andante con Moto e Brio- acoustic rock
    1. 1st verse – calm, purposeful, mid-tempo march
    2. 1st chorus- double time, dynamic
    3. 2nd verse- mid-tempo with more tension and emotion
    4. 2nd chorus- double time, dynamic, increased tension
    5. Bridge- mid tempo, building movement, exploding
    6. 3rd chorus, moving towards resolution

  1. Mood-
    1. 1st verse –melancholy, emotional,
    2. 1st chorus- promising, renewal
    3. 2nd verse- purposeful, romantic, hopeful
    4. 2nd chorus- surging, soaring, epic.
    5. Bridge- tense, melancholy moving towards hope, call to battle (to love), soaring towards resolution

  1. Sounds
Rhodes, simple snare, harmonies
Helicopter like banjo sounds
Acoustic guitar
Layered acoustic based sounds
Articulate strings create tension and resolution
Big rock sound- acoustically based

  1. Sounds like:
  2. Suggested placements.

A philosophical look at the ebb and flow of being a human

I.Tempo and dynamics- Adagio Comodo – lush with backbeat
A 1st verse-slow, purposeful,  building with simple Neil Young style drum with backbeat, deep slow groove
B. 1st chorus- restrained tempo, , with emotion
C. 2nd verse- building dynamic, rhythmic strings, build tension
C. 2nd chorus-restrained with building rhythmic elements

II. Mood
    1. 1st verse- after the rain, contemplative, nostalgic, thoughtful, philosophical
    2. 1st chorus- rejoicing, spiraling, recurrence of the same, surrender, renewal
    3. 2nd verse- emptying of self, perspective of no-self
    4. 2nd chorus- resolution, rejoicing, hopeful, rebirth

III. Sounds
  1. Chorus- Beach Boys style background vocals
  2. Lush, with strings on backbeat.

IV. Sounds Like
  1. Suggested Placements

PHOTOGRAPHS-interlude- acoustic electronica
A mysterious song that hints of the traces of memories

I. Tempo and Dynamics-Allegretto Misterioso
II. Mood- mysterious, hypnotic, mind altering

III . Sounds- lots of reverb, haunting vocals, simple syncopated drum line.

IV. Sounds like

V. Suggested plancements

A call to a new beginning and a new fight to our higher selves.

  1. Tempo and Dynamics- Allegro agitato -  straight rock
    1. 1st  verse-
    2. 1st chorus-
    3. 2nd verse-
    4. 2nd chorus-triumphant
    5. Bridge-

  1. Mood
A. Tense, striving,
B. 1st  Chorus- triumphant, epic, hopeful, promising
C. 2nd verse- , surrendering, rising above
D. 2nc chorus-
E. Bridge- haunting, tense, pleading. Turning to triumph
F. Final chorus-new sense of fight, soaring,
G. Outro- musically , spiritually, and non-violently militant
  1. Sounds-
    1. ringing out Rhodes,
    2. helicopter scritchy sounds,
    3. military drums, large symbol crashes
    4. dynamic string sounds,
    5. gun shots, birds singing, airplanes flying by
    6. acoustic background noises,
    7. natural reverb drums on outro.
  2. Sounds like

A song about overcoming obstacles and  finding one’s true path in love

I. Tempo and Dynamics- Andante con Brio- lyrical
II. Mood-
  1. 1st verse- ominous, slightly dark, spare, turning to hope
  2. 1st chorus- reassuring, triumphant, hopeful, full of longing
  3. 2nd verse- tense, call to a common purpose, promising
  4. 2nd chorus- loving, coming together
  5. Bridge- ecstatic emotion, fiery,
  6. Finale- peaceful, reassuring, soothing, building to triumph and overcoming, and moving to love.  
III. Sounds
  1. Simple acoustic Piano and guitar
  2. Swelling Strings
  3. Bells
E. Concertina
  1. swords scraping
  2. drummer boy sounds
  3. background vocals
IV. Sounds like
  1. Placements

A song about the two sons of Abraham and their descendants who still battle today

  1. Tempo and Dynamics-Adagio Dolce
  2. Mood- brotherly love, visually transporting, thoughtful, hopeful, intimate
  3. Sounds- solely acoustic, simple, direct
  4. Sounds like-
  5. Placements

A song that challenges us  to be compassionate and connected to others

  1. Tempo and Dynamics-Moderato Animato-with groove
  2. Mood
    1. 1st verse- groovy, stark, questioning, vaguely political
    2. 1st chorus- soaring , rich , textural,
    3. 2nd verse- promising, holding the light high,
    4. 2nd chorus- rich and textural
    5. Bridge – turning point, promise, forgiveness, faith, striving, call to courage
    6. Chorus- triumph, challenge, questioning, lush and groovy
  3. Sounds
    1. Acoustic rock
    2. Voices, banjo, other instruments used in lieu of standard rock instruments
  4. Sounds like
  5. Placements

A lighthearted song about young love

  1. Tempo and Dynamics- Allegreto Scherzando – light acoustic rock
  2. Mood
    1. 1st verse- airy, light, playful, innocent
    2. 1st chorus –jaunty, sexy, seductive, romantic, lighthearted one night dance
    3. 2nd verse- longing innocence, surrender, falling in love
    4. 2nd chorus
    5. Bridge- rejoicing, passionate,
    6. 3rd chorus- striving, promising, encouraging, innocent, playful

Waiting – interlude
A deeply felt call to the lover

  1. Tempo and Dynamics – Lento Grazioso– short torch song
  2. Mood- serene, loving
  3. Sound- 19th century Steinway piano and voice

A song about modern day chivalry and overcoming obstacles for love

  1. Tempo – Allegreto Maestoso alla Marcia- Alternate acoustic based rock
  2. Mood
    1. 1st verse- lilting, dreamy, calling to love
    2. 1st chorus- triumphant, hopeful, romantic, striving, the question
    3. 2nd verse- taking a stand, renewal, hopeful, courageous
    4. 2nd chorus- introspection,  tension and question with above
    5. Bridge- the leap of faith, the choice, the realization, the light in the dark
    6. Last chorus- victory, resolution, promise
  3. Sound
    1. Drummer boy march
    2. Simple lyrical verse
    3. Strings swelling and lending dynamism
    4. Banjo used as textural acoustic element
    5. Guitar and bass
    6. Large rock sound accomplished acoustically
    7. Unusual coustic instruments and voices lending dynamisnm
    8. Sounds like- Peter Gabriel
  4. Placements

An intimate love song: simple and to the point- leaves you breathless..

  1. Tempo and Dynamic – Andante con moto e amore- a  minimalistic and impressionistic ode to sensuality
  2. Mood-
    1. 1st verse- mesmerizing, suspenseful, quieting yearning for love
    2. 1st chorus- warm, romantic, spellbinding, hauntingly beautiful
    3. 2nd verse- sexual, intimate, quiet,
    4. 2nd chorus - as in 1st chorus
    5. Bridge- dreamy, urgent, hot, sexy, breathy
    6. Last chorus- release of tension
  3. Sounds
    1. Melodica with reverb
    2. Bass
    3. Textural background voices
    4. Spare and lush harmonies
  4. Sounds Like
  5. Placements

A quirky and mysterious journey into madness

  1. Tempo and Dynamics
  2. Mood
    1. 1st verse- scary, desperate, spooky, weird, tense
    2. 1st chorus-trippy, strange
    3. 2nd verse-  haunting , urgent
    4. 2nd chorus- trippy, strange
    5. Bridge-  quirky, madness, paradoxical, manic, risky, ritualistic
  3. Sounds-
    1. layered acoustic based electronica,
    2. rich textured vocals on bridge
    3. bell-like Rhodes piano
    4. buzz bass
    5. loping drums

  4. Sounds Like- Pink Floyd
  5. Placement

A song of desperate love and longing

  1. Tempo and Dynamics-  Adagio Misterioso-
  2. Mood- nostalgic, 1920’s speakeasy sound, hopeless romance
  3. Sound
    1. Bowed Bass
    2. Tympanum style drum
    3. Piano
    4. Acoustic guitar